What Is A Pellet Stove?

Pellet stoves use electricity and can be plugged into a normal wall outlet. They create heat by burning biomass pellets or compressed wood. A constant flame is created by slowly feeding fuel from a storage container into a burn-pot area. This makes pellet stoves require little to no physical adjustments.

Pellet stoves can be vented horizontally through an outside wall and terminated below the roof line. They are the perfect choice for structures without an existing chimney. If you have an existing chimney, make sure you use the correctly-sized stainless steel liner for proper drafting. Modern homes are very tightly sealed, so some pellet stoves need to be installed with outside air intake. This will ensure that your stove will run efficiently, and will prevent negative pressure in your home.

A properly cleaned and maintained pellet stove will not create creosote (the flammable substance that causes chimney fires). Pellet fuel burns very cleanly and creates only a thin layer of ash as a byproduct. The grade of pellet fuel does affect the performance and ash output. Premium grade pellets produce less ash than standard or low grade pellets. Pellet stove users should be aware that extra maintenance is required with a lower grade pellet, and that inconsistent wood quality can cause serious problems to the electronic machinery over time.

Pellet stoves are normally associated with pelletized wood. However, many pellet stoves can also burn fuels such as grain, corn, seeds, or wood chips. In some pellet stoves, these fuels might need to be mixed with wood pellets.

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