What Makes A Vent Free Heat Source So Great?

It doesn’t matter if you’re building new construction, remodeling, or adding on to existing construction, after the winter of 2014, this would be a great time to add more heat without adding more operating costs. One great way to make any space warmer is to add a vent free fireplace or stove that operates on natural gas. In addition to the extended periods of cold and the ridiculous amounts of snow, 2014 will be remembered for propane prices tripling in the middle of winter.  Natural gas is cheaper and delivery is more reliable than propane.

Vent Free Fireplace

Vent free gas heat sources are available as gas heaters, fireplaces, stoves, and log sets that don’t see the gas go up a chimney; that’s because there is no chimney. The heat is nearly all transferred to the home, and since there is no damper used, cold air isn’t blowing back in. By using a natural gas vent free heating source, money is not only saved during operation, but the installation prices are also less than installing vented systems, and there is no need to add holes to walls or the ceiling.

One great thing about vent free systems is that they are easy to install.  Even someone who has never installed a vent free system before can usually install a new system, properly and safely, in just a little over an hour. This makes this sort of addition or transition easy for everyone, unlike the addition of other heating sources.

Another great benefit to installing a vent free heating unit is the wide variety of designs and other conveniences. Units can look like almost anything. A home can be heated with a unit that looks just like a fireplace with a nice mantel, or like an old pot belly stove. Put a set of andirons beside one of these fireplaces and no one will know you’re heating with gas. Many gas stoves can also be controlled by remote controls, automatic timers, and thermostats that control the temperature, add comfort, and help save money.

Vent free gas heat is convenient to install, easy to operate, and won’t affect the air quality in the home. This makes it nearly the perfect heat source for homes and businesses. The vent free heat source can also be place nearly anywhere in a home , so a drafty corner or a cold room don’t have to stay that way.

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