Wood Burning Stoves Vs. Wood Pellet Stoves

Deciding between wood burning stoves and wood pellet stoves requires consideration of the pros and cons of each. While both offer benefits that certain homeowners prefer, each operates differently enough to make different homeowners choose one over the other.


Wood burning stoves

Wood burning stoves offer an undeniable appeal – one that many people feel on almost an instinctual level. The roar and crackle of burning logs and the beauty of the flames bring up images of comfort in a way few things do. However, it is worth remembering that these charms come at a cost.

Burning wood requires starting a fire, typically with kindling, and using seasoned wood to burn. The process produces a lot of smoke that must be funneled out of the house to avoid problems and you can expect to clear out the ashes from your fires at least once a week with regular use.

Wood burning stoves are quiet, though, and current technology makes it possible to produce plenty of warmth and keep it in your home. They are enjoyable to use, even if you need to chop a great deal of wood or buy cords of wood regularly to keep them going.

Wood pellet stoves

Wood pellet stoves are a more modern invention with improvements that you would expect from such a thing. With pellet stoves, you pour wood pellets into a hopper on the stove and let it do the rest. It lights the pellets using electricity and maintains a fairly constant temperature using a blower to push warm air throughout your home.

Wood pellet stoves are easy to clean, too. With many you only need to clean out the chimney once a year with a vacuum, pulling out dust that is non-flammable (in comparison to the flammable creosote produced from wood burning).

This type of stove is not as quiet as a wood burning stove due to the constantly blowing fan, however, and it does require electrical power to start and keep the fire going.

What are your priorities?

Wood pellet stoves will never be as romantic as wood burning stoves. They are a newer option for heating your home using wood products and are designed with efficiency in mind. What you choose to install in your home will ultimately be based on your priorities. Fortunately, modern versions of the wood burning stove or wood pellet stove are sure to heat your home effectively.

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