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Electric Fireplace Products

Electric Products are a great alternative to gas and wood burning products. Although they do not put off alot of heat there are a number of products that are very realistic looking.


Winter will be here in the blink of an eye, followed by expensive heating bills. The thought of a fireplace has crossed your mind numerous times but the hassles of a wood burning fireplace do not appeal to you. Don't worry; we have the perfect solution to lower your heating costs - an electric fireplace. Instant warmth and style are added to your home by simply plugging in the cord.

We have a variety of mantel surrounds and fireplace shelves to complete the look. The electric fireplace is easy to operate and cheap to run - approximately two cents per hour with only the flame running and about fourteen cents per hour by operating the heating element. It is also 100% efficient because the energy being supplied converts into heat for the room. Other perks of an electric fireplace include:

  • Portability
  • Easy Installation
  • Optional Heat
  • Remote control
  • No venting necessary
  • No messy smoke or ash
  • Less risk
  • Built-in Thermostats
  • Corner or Wall Unit
  • No inspections or service calls
  • No fumes or carbon monoxide hazards
  • Fireboxes/inserts available
  • No special wiring required

An electric fireplace is ideal for people who live in an apartment or a small home. If you truly desire the look and feel of a fireplace, but don't want the headache of the more traditional styles, then this is your best option. These units run off of standard 110v electricity and come with an automatic shut-off command to keep you worry-free of smoldering embers.

The options of a replica fireplace can add the perfect element of ambiance. Available accessories can also add a touch of style to your new unit and provide the sense of a traditional wood burning fireplace such as a DVD display of a roaring, wood burning fire, which gives a 3-D view for your electric fireplace. Peruse our models and decide which will add the right hint of elegance to your home. Then, determine the best location for your fireside retreat, plug in your electric model, and enjoy!