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What is a High Elevation Kit?

High Elevation or High Altitude kits are designed to allow fireplace products to work where there is less oxygen available. There is no universal high altitude kit, each fireplace and gas log has a different kit designed for that model. This is normally a field installed unit so make sure your installer is capable of installing the unit properly.

When do I need a High Elevation Kit?

Each fireplace product has a different specification for when a high altitude kit is required but it is normally required for elevations above 2,000 feet.

What does a High Elevation Kit do?

These kits reduce the BTU input of the unit. Normally the BTU rating is reduced by about 4% for each 1,000 feet above sea level.

Will my fireplace operate if I do not install the High Elevation Kit?

If you do not use the High Elevation kit then your fireplace will not burn correctly. Depending on your elevation you can have symptoms that vary from the unit not lighting or staying lit to having incorrect flame patterns and creating soot and excess C02 in your home.