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Vent Free Fireplace Installation

A free standing vent free fireplace installation is not as difficult as you may believe. You are likely to have a more difficult time choosing from all the trim options than actually doing the fireplace installation. Vent free fireplace installations can be recessed into a wall or free standing from the wall into the room. The pictures below will show the basic steps necessary for a typical direct vent fireplace installation.

Place the base and hearth against the wall
Next, the firebox (shown with the optional brick lining) is placed on the hearth. Connect your gas line so the piping fits inside of it
Your chosen cabinet/mantel can then be placed around the firebox.
Finally, add your chosen trim and accessories.

Size of Cabinet/Mantel

This size of your cabinet/mantel is determined by the size required to accommodate the firebox you choose. The size of the firebox will be determined by the size of the room, and the amount of heat you desire.
Click on the View Options button on our product details pages to determine dimensions and specs of each cabinet. If you are remodeling, don't forget to check for light switches and electrical plugs that may potentially be covered by the cabinet.


Many cabinets come in a kit complete with easy to read instructions and all necessary hardware. However, individual home situations can be unpredictable and may require a professional.