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Breckwell Tahoe Pellet Stove Insert (Gold Trimmed - Small Surround with Gold Trim)
Breckwell Tahoe Pellet Stove Insert (Gold Trimmed - Small Surround with Gold Trim)
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Breckwell Tahoe Pellet Stove Insert (Gold Trimmed - Small Surround with Gold Trim)

Standard Gold Trim 40 1/2" x 28"
SKU: SP2000IS-C-P2KI-SMFL-Removed-Removed
Catalog Number: 88049
Weight: 185 lbs
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Standard Features
  • From 800 SQ. FT to 2,400 SQ. FT
  • Digital Control Panel
  • Up to 60 Hours of Heating
  • Automatic Fuel Feed
  • Whisper-Quiet Blowers
  • Hot Rod Automatic Ignitor
  • Heavy Steel Construction
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Pellet Stove Insert

  • From 8,200 to 50,000 BTUs (may vary depending on pellet quality)
  • Hopper Capacity - Up to 70 lbs (this can vary widely depending on pellet size, length and diameter)
  • Flue Size - 3" or 4"
  • Burn Time - 1 lb to 5.5 lbs per hour
  • Approved Installations - Zero-Clearance, Masonry, as a built-in
Modern Technology - Traditional Warmth
Breckwell pellet stoves offer the penetrating warmth and captivating flames unique to wood heat, yet with clean operation and all the convience of a modern appliance; automatic ignition, self feeding and sophisticated controls.  Since 1984, more than 500,000 pellet stoves have proven this new home heating technology convenient, economical and gentle on the enviornment - and a wonderful option for homeowners.  There is no smoke from a Breckwell pellet stove.
Wood pellets, made from sawdust and other timber by products, are formed in the shape and size of a pencil eraser.  Pellets are made to the tigorous standards of the Pellet Fuels Institure; look for the Institute's label of quality on bags of fuel.
Wood pellet fuel, an economical and renewable fuel source, is derived from waste material.  It saves on ladfill space, is 100% organic, and does not contribute to the greenhouse effect, since it is CO2 neutral.  It is available in covenient 40 LB bags and stoves in 1/3 of thespace of cordwood.

Standard Features
  • Surround / Flashing
  • Gold Trim
  • 40 1/2" x 28"
  • For use with Tahoe (P2000I) Model Inserts