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Empire Tahoe Premium 48" Heat Circulating Direct Vent Fireplace (Propane Gas - 120V Variable Flame Height - Includes Variable Speed Blower)
Empire Tahoe Premium 48" Heat Circulating Direct Vent Fireplace (Propane Gas - 120V Variable Flame Height - Includes Variable Speed Blower)
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Empire Tahoe Premium 48" Heat Circulating Direct Vent Fireplace (Propane Gas - 120V Variable Flame Height - Includes Variable Speed Blower)

Unit is shipped as Natural Gas with a Propane Gas Conversion kit. Customer is responsible for converting the unit. Picture is shown with the Following Optional Merchandise: Herringbone Firebrick and shipped with Traditional Firebrick.
SKU: DVP-48-FP91-LF-P-Removed
Catalog Number: 29747
Weight: 155 lbs
The product you have requested has been removed from our system and is no longer available for purchase.
Please contact our sales department for alternate items.
Standard Features:
  • "Living Flame"
  • Propane Gas
  • 30,000 BTU's
  • Variable Flame Height
  • Matte Black Slat Louvers
  • 7 Piece Ceramic Fiber Log Set
  • Thermostatically Controlled Blower
  • Includes Thermostatically Controlled Remote
Tahoe Series
This direct-vent fireplace draws in fresh outside air to support combustion and exhausts combustion by-products to the outdoors. The Tahoe's vent-within-a-vent isolates the incoming fresh air from the exhaust, yet still requires just a single hole through the wall or roof.
The large heat-resistant, tempered glass window provides an unobstructed view to the hand-painted log set.
Premium models include a new log set, mounted atop our popular Slope Glaze Burner. The result is a rich flame pattern within a taller, deeper log stack that complements the deeper premium fireplace. All models include glowing embers and lava rock.
Louvers at the top and bottom help circulate the warmed air. All controls are discreetly concealed behind the lower louver.
Tahoe fireplaces may be upgraded to include aged brick liner, or installed liner, or installed blower. An optional Herringbone firebrick liner features lighter color bricks, artfully smoked to enhance the realism.
The fireplace's simple, elegant design features hem-bent seams that seal better and eliminate dozens of screws and fasteners. The result is a more rigid box that eliminates installation headaches.
Options & Accessories
Take charge of your new fireplace with a battery-operated remote control, thermostat remote, electric remote control, wall thermostat, or wall switch.
We offer Standard Cabinet and Corner Cabinet Mantels finished in Cherry, Dark Oak, Oak (light), and White. Or choose unfinished oak or unfinished hardwood. Both are sanded and ready to finish.
Standard Mantels fit your new fireplace and feature a small base integrated into the front.
We also offer Universal Mantels in cabinet, corner, and flush models with the same finishes and in unfinished. Universal Mantels are slightly larger with an adjustable opening designed to fit White Mountain Hearth fireplaces and those from other manufacturers. Options include a full-size base and faux marble laminate surrounds in three colors.
Outer Frames and Bottom Trim
Our metal three-piece outer frames let you transition from your fireplace to any adjoining surface wooden mantel, tile, stone, or any noncombustible material. Choose from steel frames with traditional crisp lines or our new extruded aluminum frames with a profile that combines gentle concaves with flat surfaces. Each is available in matte black, hammered pewter, polished brass, and stainless steel finish.
Our new bottom trim completes the fourth side of the color frame.
History and Art ComeTogether
Empire Comfort Systems, Inc., has manufactured safe, reliable heating systems for more than 70 years. We take pride in our reputation for quality products, backed by the best sales, service, and distribution network in this industry. The Tahoe, by White Mountain Hearth, combines our proven technologies with exceptional artistry and craftsmanship to add beauty and warmth to any home.