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Kingsman Free Standing B-Vent Gas Stove
Kingsman Free Standing B-Vent Gas Stove

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Kingsman Free Standing B-Vent Gas Stove

SKU: FV200-Removed
Catalog Number: 87172
The product you have requested has been removed from our system and is no longer available for purchase.
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Standard Features:
  • Natural Gas
  • Pedestal
  • Millivolt
  • Hi/Lo SIT Valve, with 100% Safety Shut-Off
  • Dual Burner System with Realistic Flame Pattern
  • Heat Radiating Ceramic Glass
  • Approved for Installation in a Bedroom or Bed Sitting Room
  • Cast Oak Log Set with Glowing Embers

Freestanding Vented Gas Stoves

These units usually stand away from the wall and are very similar to a wood burning stove in appearance.  Available for direct vent, vented,and vent-free applications.

Coaxial vent system of a pipe inside a pipe (generally 4"/7") the inside pipe is for exhaust, while the outer pipe brings outside air for combustion.  The design of these fireplaces allow for a completely sealed system that does not compromise inside air quality of your home. It also lets you vent a product horizontally (great for when an appliance is installed on an outside wall).  Direct vent appliances are usually limited to a length of 40 ft (with a maximum horizontal length of 15 ft) that will allow an appliance to function properly.

Kingsman FV200 B-Vent Gas Stove

The FV200 B-Vented model (4" B-Vent) is particularly well suited for replacement of wood stoves as it can utilize the existing wood stove chimney.  The unit has a spill safety switch, which will shut down the appliance in case of a blocked flue or downdraft occurs.