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Rasmussen 8 Piece Vent Free FireStones
Rasmussen 8 Piece Vent Free FireStones
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Rasmussen 8 Piece Vent Free FireStones

For Stainless Steel Chassis see sku AFS20-SE-N-SS-AFS20-BX.
Remote Ready, Single Face Black Chassis, Natural Gas, Black, Light Gray and White FireStones
SKU: AFS20-SE-N-B-AFS20-BX-Removed
Catalog Number: 71550
Weight: 32 lbs
The product you have requested has been removed from our system and is no longer available for purchase.
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Standard Features
  • Natural Gas
  • Remote Ready
  • Black Chassis
  • 20" Single Face Burner System
  • 8 Piece Black, Light Gray and White FireStones
Firestones are for those with contemporary decor, for those with a modern flair, for those yearning for an alternative to the ubiquitous gas log and for those who just want something different.
FireStones are made from the same high-heat resistant ceramic-bonded refractory material Rasmussen uses in the making of it's gas log sets.  They will not explod like real stones when placed in fire. 
Contemporary Gas Fires
Rasmussen recognizes that "usual" gas logs are not for everyone.   Many people have homes with modern or contemporary decor in which logs would be out of place.  This led them to introduce FireBalls 25 years ago and, in more recent years, other contemporary alternatives to traditional gas logs.  The latest innovations are vent-free versions of the alternative styles.  In recognition of the increasing desire for these alternative styles, Rasmussen has created ALTERNA as the brand name for the vented and vent free versions of these contemporary items.