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Security BISPanorama 38" Wood Burning Fireplace
Security BISPanorama 38" Wood Burning Fireplace
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Security BISPanorama 38" Wood Burning Fireplace

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Gold Plated Cast Iron Door
Catalog Number: 1149
Weight: 384 lbs
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Standard Features:
  • The vertical design of the door, together with the herringbone refractory brick, gives a spectacular view of the fire.
  • Single European cast-iron door available in 24K gold-plated, nickel or black.
  • Zero Clearance to combustible materials
  • Dual handle ash drawer with lid for easy removal of ashes without any mess.
  • Easy access to combustion controls
  • Airtight combustion chamber for maximum efficiency and highest heat output
  • Maximum efficiency 72%; Btu/hr 11,400 to 38,200 as per EPA standard testing procedures
  • Maximum Btu output up to 70,000 obtained with dry wood
  • Burn time up to 8 hrs. (depending on the wood used)
  • Firebox capacity overall, 3.6 cubic feet
  • 18" Maximum Log
  • Masonry installation with TUBINOX rigid stainless steel liner
  • Super efficient air wash system keeps the viewing glass clean
  • Easy access flue gas by-pass system
  • Knock-out sides and back for easy connection to forced air system
  • Outside air kit
  • Efficient catalytic combustion
  • Warnock Hersey approved to UL-127 and ULC S-610

A higher standard of energy efficiency, aesthetic appeal and reliable performance, even during a power failure. The design of the BIS Panorama is an inspirational balance of form and function.

Engineered with a secondary burn and catalytic combustion for burn-off gases, the BIS Panorama offers maximum energy efficiency while consuming the least amount of fuel. It's an investment that virtually pays for itself over time. The BIS Panorama's catalytic combustion helps increase efficiency and save energy, resulting in the least expensive heat you can buy.

  • Produces more heat using less wood
  • Enables you to obtain longer burn times for easier heating through the night
  • Reduces creosote build-up up to 90%, thereby greatly minimizing a major cause of chimney fires
  • Reduces smoke pollution by 90% (95% when burning at peak efficiency), for optimum environmental friendliness.

The BIS Panorama's unique single door feature presents a striking, unobstructed view of the flames. This Elegant wood burning fireplace has a higher standard of energy efficiency while being a more environmentally friendly EPS-Approved unit. It delivers more heat and performs better than any similar fireplace on the market. The BIS Panorama can deliver as much as 70,000 BTU/Hr. of heat and a burn time of up to 8 hours. You can therefore rely on it to warm an area in your home of up to 2,000 Sq. Ft. You can even connect it to you forced-air heating system for added comfort and peace of mind (This installation method is not EPA approved).

Embrace the technical and aesthetic superiority of the BIS Panorama and watch it create a while new dimension of warmth and beauty in your home environment.

This unit is certified with 7" Air Cooled Piping (11" OD), Secure Temp GX 7" (11" OD) Piping, and Secure Temp ASHT+ Piping