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For the product: Napoleon Crystallo Direct Vent Clean Face Fireplace

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"Crystallo BGD36CFG"

G Rasquin on 12/3/2011 11:44:53 AM

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Comments:: I purchased this model in Jan.;2010. Within a year of purchase we had problems with the ignitor. It gradually took longer and longer to ignite the gas and finally got to the point where it continued to spark but would not ignite. A service technician was called in who said that some rust had built up on the ignition mechanism.He cleaned up the ignition and initially the ignitor worked well. However the problem with the ignition came back over the next 8-9 months and we again had to call for service, The problem was only remedied for a short period of time and then it took longer and longer to ignite to the point where now it will spark but there is no ignition. I now have to call back the service people for a third time. To make matters worse the store where I purchased the fireplace is no longer in business. Has anyone else experienced this problem with this particular model and if so have they had any luck in fixing the problem?