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10 LBS. Bag of Purple Accent Gems by American Fireglass
10 LBS. Bag of Purple Accent Gems by American Fireglass
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10 LBS. Bag of Purple Accent Gems by American Fireglass

Catalog Number: 50516
Weight: 10 lbs
List Price: $100.00
Sale Price: $98.28

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Standard Features
  • Purple
  • 10 LBS. Bag
  • Perfect for Outdoor Fire Pits and Fireplaces
  • Provides Uneqaulled Versatility
  • Combine Multiple Gem Colors for Spectacular Fire
  • Warranty
    • Fireglass Gems - Five (5) Years
  • Different Sizes
  • Different Color Tones
American Fireglass
It's the hottest thing - and the coolest - at the same time! Replace those old gas logs with American Fireglass, and put intrigue and magic in your natural gas fireplace. Stop guests in their tracks with a truly unique look that is sure to be the center of attention. Whether your decor is contemporary, classic, rustic or somewhere in between, American Fireglass provides uncompromising versaitility. The multitude of colors and size options allows you to create your own custom look. The glass is tempered for long term heat consumption. Thanks to the process used in creating the glass, it burns cleaner and more efficiently than conventional gas logs. It will not mel, degrade, or emit toxic fumes. (This refers to the glass itself. You are still required to have your damper open when burning!) The fireglass will last virtually a lifetime. There is no soot, no ash and no smoke. With no popping embers to worry about, you can even remove those screen and glass doors that hinder your view. Then watch the colors dance! Now if you think this looks good in your fireplace, it is a show-stopper in an outdoor fire pit or as a decorative feature in your patio landscape.
The American Fireglass Gems Advantage
  • Thanks to the special manufacturing process, Fireglass Gems retain their color and actually burn cleaner than gas logs.
  • An Average 36" Fireplace takes approximately 60 lbs. of gems.
  • An Average 42" Fireplace takes approximately 80 lbs. of gems.
  • An Average 3' Diameter Fire Pit takes approximately 100 lbs. of gems.
  • Lava granules can be used initially on the burner, then covered with Fireglass Gems to reduce the amount needed.
The tumbling and polishing process used to create the Fireglass ensures that there are no sharp edges to cut you and almost anyone can install it. Simply remove those old gas logs and clean out your fireplace. Wipe the surfaces clean with a dry cloth to remove and dust. Check your burner to make sure it is in proper working order or you can purchase American Fireglass's H-Burner or Fire Pit Ring and you're ready to fill.
The options are endless! An average fireplace will take between 50 and 75 LBS of glass. Using American Fireglass's Fire Rock as a filler can cut down on the amount of glass needed to give you the same look. However, if you want to change the color for a party or on holidays, an all-glass installation is best. American Fireglass suggest placing a 2" - 3" thick layer of fireglass to get the proper flame.
Category Fireplace Accessories
Sub Category Accent Glass
Brand American Fireglass
Color Purple

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