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30" Classic Oak Vented Gas Logs with Remote Ready Natural Gas System-4 Burner and Safety Pilot Kit by Hargrove
30" Classic Oak Vented Gas Logs with Remote Ready Natural Gas System-4 Burner and Safety Pilot Kit by Hargrove
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Classic Oak Log Set
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30" Classic Oak Vented Gas Logs with Remote Ready Natural Gas System-4 Burner and Safety Pilot Kit by Hargrove

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Brand: Hargrove
Catalog Number: 51982
Weight: 58 lbs
List Price: $970.36
Sale Price: $966.25

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Standard Features
  • Natural Gas
  • Remote Ready
  • Brilliant Glowing Logs
  • Black Glowing Embers
  • Low Profile
  • Durable and Lightweight
  • 40% Efficiency and 60,000 BTU's
  • Vented Log Set with Superior Radiant Heating Properties
  • System-4 Burner Technology equals a Cleaner Burn
  • Safety Pilot Kit
  • Remote Control Included
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty
Classic Oak Logs

Classic Oak sets feature all the natural beauty and realism you expect from Hargrove, combined with a simpler color scheme for outstanding value. The Hargrove Classic Oak will add a warm, relaxing mood to any home. Hargrove gas logs are cast from real trees, which are chosen for good bark texture and character. Classic Oak logs provide an excellent value with realistic flame patterns and glowing embers.

Hargrove's System-4 Burner and Gas Log Sets

Hargrove gas log sets are safe, reliable and convenient systems that provide a warm, enjoyable fire with the turn of a knob or the flick of a switch. Our burner systems, grates, and other parts work together with our logs, to create this fire with exceptional beauty and extraordinary realism.

Hargrove's innovative System-4 vented burner was created specifically to provide outstanding performance in liquid propane applications, and also offers many advantages for natural gas. Controlled porting distributes more flame to areas of the set that need it and less to areas that do not, producing greater efficiency than standard designs. Optimal fuel to air ratios also increase efficiency and help create a clean burning system that provides natural flame patterns and a full glowing ember bed, with much less carbon production than previous liquid propane systems, which helps maintain the beauty of your Hargrove log set. The stainless and carbon steel burner features hidden controls for added realism, and does not require the use of burner media, which also promotes cleaner combustion, and simplifies installation.

Hargrove's exclusive dark ember material is placed over the burner media to create a warm, glowing ember bed under the logs, just as you would see in a real wood fire. However, unlike real wood embers, the natural properties of this organic mineral fiber allow it to glow season after season without burning away or breaking down.

Safety pilot valves use a pilot assembly to provide flame to ignite the log set and control gas flow to the set. A safety pilot assembly (for vented log sets) consists of a pilot burner, which provides flame to the set and sends flame across a thermocouple, which senses the temperature rise caused by the flame, and generates a small electrical current that is transmitted to an electromagnet inside the Safety Pilot Control, or other valve attached to the log set. If the pilot flame goes out, the electrical signal stops, and the electromagnet shuts down gas flow through the valve, and thus to the log set. Once the pilot has been relit, the thermocouple will again send its signal, and the valve will operate.

Why Hargrove?
  • It's a simple choice, really. Once you've discovered the Hargrove difference, we think you'll agree. It is the Hargrove Heritage - warm feelings for a lifetime.
  • Hargrove's log materials and construction processes create a gas log set without equal.
  • Handcrafted molds authentically recreate every inch of natural wood texture.
  • Hargrove's combination of log materials permits the capture of exquisite detail not possible with outher formulas.
  • The ceramic properties of Hargove's logs reflect heat into your home, and also store some heat, which will be slowly released once the set has been shut off, much like a eal wood fire dying down.
  • Two to nine hand painted highlight colors (depending upon log style) give each log depth, beauty and color variation, just as you'd expect from nature.
  • Gentle fading of pigments as the log set ages further enhances the set's fidelity to nature.
  • Expanded metal reinforcement gives additional strength and durability to each log.
  • Hargrove's exclusive dark embers create a warm, glowing ember bed when the set is burning, and also provide additional beauty when the log set is off.
  • Hargrove valve and switching systems offer convenience, and safety at the turn of a knob or the flick of a switch, and most are mounted near the front of the fireplace for added reliabilty and ease of operation.
  • Hargrove burners, grates, valves and accessories are offered with a two year limited warranty.
Hargrove Hearth Products produces the finest gas log sets you can buy, capturing the warm textures of natural wood, with the incredible beauty and unmatched detail that only Hargrove can deliver.
Category Gas Logs
Sub Category Vented Gas Logs
Brand Hargrove
ANSI Certified Z21.60
CSA Certified Yes
Embers Glowing - Adjustable
Fuel Natural Gas
Minimum Hearth Depth 14
Minimum Hearth Front Width 32
Minimum Hearth Height 20
Minimum Hearth Rear Width 32
Number of Logs 6
Tax Credit Eligible No
Valve Type Remote Ready

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