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8" Homeowner's Insulation Kit by RLH Industeries
8" Homeowner's Insulation Kit by RLH Industeries
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8" Homeowner's Insulation Kit by RLH Industeries

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Kit Includes
  • Chim-wrap foil faced insulation
    • This insulation contains heat and improves draft when wrapped around chimney liner. Aside from the liner itself, this is the most important product to install!
    • The chem-wrap will enhance the performance of appliance too. A must for installations shorter than 15 feet and burning in marginal warmer weather conditions.
    • Its very simple to use, just put it around the chimney liner and secure the edges with aluminum tape. (included) For even easier installation, follow this step by slipping the wrapped liner into a Chim-Mesh sleeve (included).
    • This blanket insulation has an 8lb. density, with a 3mm foil facing. Be sure to always place the foil face to the outside when applying the insulation to the liner.
    • Fits 8" liner installations
    • Required by UL when relining a chimney that has no flue tile or is not up to NFPA 211 standard.
  • Chim-Mesh stainless steel sleeves
    • Use this stainless steel sleeve to protect and hold the Chim-Wrap insultaion in place. It is much easier and faster than wrapping the insulation with wire.
    • Simply open one end and slide over an insulated Chimney liner. Tighten the mesh by pulling on both ends. Then secure the mesh to the liner, just past the point where the insulations stops, with stainless steel claps (included). Trim the excess mes, just past the clamps, to prevent the excess from catching on any protruding objects.
    • 25' rolls for 8" liner installations.
  • Aluminum Tape
    • Ideal for holding Chim-Wrap insulation in place while placing stainless steel mech sleeve over wrapped liner.
  • Make-A-Clamp clamping system
    • The most versatile clamp available. It's a maintenance "Clamp System" in a box. By simply cutting off a piece of banding from a continuous roll, you can make any size 301 stainless steel worm-driven clamp from 2" diameter and up. 1/2" band width, .023 thickness.
    • Perfect for clamping stainless steel mesh around any size insulated chimney liner
    • Contains 8 1/2 ft. band material, 3 adjustable fasteners and 1 band splice.
Category Venting
Sub Category Venting
Brand RLH Industries Inc.
Log Style Insert Venting
Size 8
Type of Piping Relining

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