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Outside Combustion Air Kit by Majestic
Outside Combustion Air Kit by Majestic
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Outside Combustion Air Kit by Majestic

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Brand: Majestic
Catalog Number: 54962
List Price: $52.00
Sale Price: $46.80
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Outside Combustion Air Precautions & Recommendations

Note: The use of outside air for combustion is optional unless required by building codes. It is only necessary to supply outside combustion air to one side of the fireplace.

  1. Extremely long runs and numerous turns in the duct leading from the fireplace to the combustion air assembly should be avoided. These conditions will increase the resistance to the free flow of air through the duct.
  2. The combustion air assembly should be located at an exterior location, which is not likely to be accidentally blocked in any manner. The assembly should be located above the snow line to prevent blockage by snow accumulation.
  3. The combustion air inlet assembly should never be mounted in a garage or storage area where combustible fumes such as gasoline might be drawn into the fireplace.
  4. Combustion air can be drawn from the crawl space under a house when an adequate supply of air is provided by open ventilation.
  5. Do not take combustion air from attic space or garage space.
Category Fireplace Accessories
Sub Category Outside Air Kits
Brand Majestic

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