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Majestic Monarch Clean-Burn 36" Heat Circulating Wood Burning Fireplace
Majestic Monarch Clean-Burn 36" Heat Circulating Wood Burning Fireplace
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Majestic Monarch Clean-Burn 36" Heat Circulating Wood Burning Fireplace

SKU: BFC36-MAJ-Removed
Catalog Number: 59593
Weight: 232 lbs
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Standard Features
  • Wood Burning
  • Heat Circulating
  • Brushed Black Doors
  • Traditional Firebrick
  • Complete Fan System with Speed Control
  • Basket Grate
  • Uses S 8" Series Triple Wall Chimney System
Monarch BFC36 Wood Burning Fireplace
Using a balanced flow of outdoor air for optional combustion, the Monarch PureEnergy Balanced Flue Fireplace provides for cleaner air both indoors and out, provides an efficient source of heat, and uses less firewood.
The patented, balanced-flue process uses no indoor air combustion. The Monarch is designed to draw a controlled amount of outside air into the firebox from its air-cooled chimney system, achieving optimum combustion. This process ensures cleaner, more efficient combustion and results in a brighter fire while using less wood.
Why should you choose a Monarch BFC36 Wood Burning Fireplace from Majestic?
Why should you choose the Monarch BFC36 Woodburning Fireplace from Majestic?
  • Low maintenance clean-burn technology eliminates the need for a catalytic combustor.
  • Brushed black doors eliminate heat loss and use ceramic glass for greater heat transfer.
  • The standard 160cfm adjustable forced-air fan system distributes a constant flow of warm room air.
  • Fan and junction box come facotry installed and pre-wired for easy connection.
  • The hearth is lined with a classic brick pattern for easy ash clean up.
  • Tapered fireplace sides assure greater reflection of radiant heat.
  • Fully instulated firebox construction helps improve heat efficiency by reducing outside cold infiltration.
  • Built-in ash lip helps to reduce ash spilage.
  • Generous wood basket grate made of durable 5/8" diamond stock steel.
  • Uses Majestic 8" Triple wall chimney system that keeps installation simple and economical. No tools or fasteners are required for this snap-together pipe system
  • Gas line access has easy knockout on both sides of firebrick for optional gas logs.
  • UL Listed and tested to meet and exceed safety standards.
  • 30 Year protection plan and limited warranty to assure quality and dependability.

Warm up to the Monarch BFC36 Woodburning Fireplace from Majestic today!